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Join the Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Research Group

For students looking to get engaged with the Urban Freight Lab, attending a Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Research Group (RG) meeting is a great first step. The RG is composed of both undergraduate and graduate University of Washington students who are interested in interdisciplinary research related to urban goods movement, from transportation and last mile to warehousing and distribution to public policy dynamics of goods movement.

What to Expect

Interdisciplinary Engagement:

The RG welcomes students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including transportation engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, urban planning, and law, to foster diverse insights and perspectives.

Research Exploration

Engage in transportation and goods movement research collaboratively with other students and faculty, industry, and the public sector. Work on cutting-edge research with global leaders.

Opportunities to Learn and Contribute

Benefit from the expertise of your peers and contribute your own unique insights to the group’s collective knowledge.

Build your Network

Regularly engage with public sector and industry leaders at our quarterly meetings and through collaborative research. Build relationships with key stakeholders that can enrich your professional network.

Contact for Student Involvement with Urban Freight Lab

Tom Maxner, Research Assistant and Research Group Manager