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Join Us

When you join the Urban Freight Lab, you connect with a network of like-minded public sector agencies, private sector stakeholders, and University of Washington researchers. Together we explore existing and near-term challenges around urban goods movement and generate, design, and test innovative solutions to mitigate these challenges. We enable peer-to-peer exchange, share insights for refining and improving your own operations or technologies, and present logistics concepts from around the world.

Membership is limited.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Knowledge exchange: Get a comprehensive 360-degree view of the urban logistics landscape by connecting and collaborating with diverse stakeholders contributing unique insights from different facets of the industry
  • Gain a worldwide view of logistics concepts: Learn about the cutting-edge thought leadership, trends, and concepts spanning the globe from our practitioners and our subject matter experts
  • Plug into dynamic partnership: Benefit from the synergy between public sector agencies, private industry, and researchers, all working across traditional boundaries to develop solutions
  • Holistic problem-solving: Identify urban freight management problem areas, design solutions, and pilot test the most promising strategies on the ground, with a 360-degree view
  • Cultivate meaningful connections: Join a dynamic network of like-minded companies and individuals working on cutting-edge solutions
  • Network with peers: Connect with peers and collaborate at our quarterly meetings where innovation and ideas converge to shape the future of urban logistics.

For more information about Urban Freight Lab membership, contact Kelly Rula.