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Decision Problems and Applications of Operations Research at Marine Container Terminals

Publication: Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science
Publication Date: 2011

This article provides an overview of the applications of operations research (OR) techniques to marine container terminals. The article begins by providing a summary of marine container terminal operations. Following this, a series of decision problems are identified, to which OR techniques have been applied. These include quayside, yard, and landside decision problems. In each section, the problems, technical approaches, and outcomes are described.

With respect to quayside decision problems, the specific problems addressed include the determination of quayside equipment types, berth allocation, quay crane allocation and scheduling, and operational planning and real‐time decisions related to transportation equipment. Yard decision problems include yard design, storage space allocation, and task assignment for yard handling equipment. Landside decision problems include the design of the terminal’s landside connection, transport planning, and real‐time control of landside operations.

The article provides an overview of the state of the practice. The reader will gain an understanding of the nature of decision problems in marine container terminals, how OR techniques have been used to address these, and the operational improvements made possible through the application of OR techniques to this problem area.

Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Wenjuan Zhao, Erica Wygonik
Recommended Citation:
Goodchild, A., Zhao, W., & Wygonik, E. (2010). Decision Problems and Applications of Operations Research at Marine Container Terminals.