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Technical Report

Field Test of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to Support Avalanche Monitoring

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Publication: Norwegian Public Roads Administration Report
Volume: Geohazard Survey from Air (GEOSFAIR)
Publication Date: 2022

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, and SINTEF conducted a field test with a unmanned aerial system (UAS) with various instruments at the research station Fonnbu in Stryn. The purpose of the test was to evaluate the use of instrumented drones for monitoring and assessing avalanche danger. The instruments tested included optical and thermal imaging, laser scanning and ground-penetrating radar. Resulting datasets included 3D models (point clouds and height maps), multispectral and radiometric, thermal images and radargrams.

Authors: Dr. Ed McCormack, Regula Frauenfelder, Sean Salazar, Halgeir Dahle, Tore Humstad, Emil Solbakken, Trine Kirkhus, Richard Moore, Bastien Dupuy, Pauline Lorand