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  • "Parking resource allocation optimization"
Published: 2022
Authors: Haena KimDr. Anne Goodchild, Linda Boyle
Journal/Book: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives
While the number of deliveries has been increasing rapidly, infrastructure such as parking and building configurations has changed less quickly, given limited space and funds. This may lead to an imbalance between supply and demand, preventing the current resources from meeting the future needs of urban freight activities. This study aimed to discover the future delivery rates that would overflow the current delivery systems and find the optimal number of resources.
Published: 2020
Journal/Book: Transport Policy
Parking cruising is a well-known phenomenon in passenger transportation, and a significant source of congestion and pollution in urban areas. While urban commercial vehicles are known to travel longer distances and to stop more frequently than passenger vehicles, little is known about their parking cruising behavior, nor how parking infrastructure affect such behavior.
Published: 2019
Journal/Book: Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board
Rapid urban growth puts pressure on local governments to rethink how they manage street curb parking. Competition for space among road users and lack of adequate infrastructure force delivery drivers either to search for vacant spaces or to park in unsuitable areas, which negatively impacts road capacity and causes inconvenience to other users of the road. The purpose of this paper is to advance research by providing data-based insight into what is actually happening at the curb.