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  • "Cross-border trips"
Student Thesis and Dissertations
Published: 2009
Intra-industry trade (IIT) occurs when trading partners import and export similar products. A high volume of IIT of horizontally differentiated goods implies a deep level of regional integration, stable regional trading patterns, and potentially significant consequences from border delay. In this paper, trade between Washington State and British Columbia, Canada (the Cascade gateway), is compared with trade between Michigan State and Ontario, Canada (the Great Lakes gateway).
Published: 2009
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Susan Albrecht, Li Leung
Journal/Book: Transportation Letters: The International Journal of Transportation Research
This paper describes commercial vehicle delay, transportation patterns and the commodity profile at the Western Cascade Gateway, the main border crossing between Southwest British Columbia, Canada, and Northwestern Washington, United States.
Technical Report
Published: 2008
Authors: Dr. Anne Goodchild, Li Leung, Susan Albrecht
Journal/Book: Western Washington University Border Policy Research Institute
This report presents a commercial vehicle profile of transportation patterns and a commodity profile of the primary border crossing along the Western Cascade border region of southwest British Columbia, Canada, and northwest Washington, United States, in particular the corridor between the urban areas of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington.