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“Taking My Career to the Next Level”

“Taking My Career to the Next Level”
“Taking My Career to the Next Level”
February 27, 2019   //   

Edwin Quezada emigrated from Guatemala for better career opportunities in the United States — but working as a sales clerk at a large home improvement store wasn’t part of the plan. 

“I was so frustrated working there because I realized that I could do a lot to improve the way things were done,” he said. 

But Edwin didn’t have the knowledge or the credential required to land the job he really wanted. 

Things changed when Edwin enrolled in the online Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics. Before even finishing his degree, he landed a position as warehouse and procurement manager for a solar energy contractor, where he’s overhauled the inventory systems and implemented new processes. 

“The scenario has changed completely,” Edwin said. “I know I’m on the right track in my career after getting my degree. It was definitely worth it.”

About the Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics degree program: A work-compatible hybrid online program, the Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics (MSCTL) degree is designed to enable early- and mid-career professionals to advance in their careers. Our innovative curriculum provides students with a 360-degree view of all aspects of supply chain and logistics — facility design, inventory management, data analysis, risk, IT systems, business strategy, freight transport, and performance management — so students graduate ready to make evidence-based decisions and navigate complex real-world problems.

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