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Giacomo Dalla Chiara Receives the Transportation Research Board Award

Giacomo Dalla Chiara Receives the Transportation Research Board Award
Giacomo Dalla Chiara Receives the Transportation Research Board Award
January 26, 2021   //   

Giacomo Dalla Chiara is the author of the award-winning paper on the theme of mobility of urban goods. The solution? It has to be smart.

Member of the Smart City Mobility Scientific Committee, and among the guests invited to attend the program of the next Smart City Conference in Milan on November 23, Giacomo Dalla Chiara will collect on January 29 the coveted prize awarded to him by the Academy of American Sciences.

Merit of the honor assigned to the Italian scientist is the recently published study on urban mobility.

Dalla Chiara has in fact published with his team the paper “Commercial Vehicle Driver Behaviors and Decision Making: Lessons Learned from Urban Ridealongs ” analyzing the good decision-making practices of commercial vehicle drivers in the context of the most recent transformations of American cities.

The study allowed Dalla Chiara to receive the Best Practical Implications Award from the Permanent Committee on Urban Freight Transport of the Transportation Research Board – National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

The paper scientifically addresses the issue of the mutations that the cities of the world, not only the US ones, have suffered following the outbreak of the pandemic: by favoring online purchases, for example, there has been an important surge in the work of couriers and, consequently, in the relative management of daily urban traffic.

An area closely connected with the theme of the smart city, and which has as its foundation the search for the most useful solutions to streamline and speed up operations so that they are more efficient for those who benefit from them as well as better in terms of energy efficiency.

We are very excited and grateful for the recognition. This article was fun to write: spending whole days side by side with couriers was not only a great learning experience, it also made me even more grateful for the incredible work done by delivery drivers during the pandemic, the smoke from fires, and the increase in online shopping. In America, Home Delivery is the dominant trend in e-commerce, since well before the pandemic and, among the possible smart solutions, it is thought to send the courier a digital copy of their keys, and on returning home you can find any package ready to be discarded. This would be an excellent benefit for the customer and for couriers, forced to park where and how it happens.

Dalla Chiara will report on the paper in live streaming from 10 to 11.30 on 29 January – Session 1432 – as part of the Transportation Research Board 2021 Annual Meeting (TRB).

The TRB is part of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, and promotes innovation and progress in transport through research. In an interdisciplinary context, it facilitates the sharing of information on transport practices and policies by researchers and practitioners, stimulating research and offering research management services that promote technological excellence.